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7 Surefire Beginner’s Yoga Learning Tips

By Bold app June 27, 2018 0 comments

7 Surefire Beginner’s Yoga Learning Tips

Written by: elleright


We all know that yoga helps us to concentrate as well as focus our mind which is otherwise quite restless traveling here and there. At present, numerous individuals across the planet are practicing yoga on a wide scale and here we have provided some essential tips in case you happen to be a newbie.

Here are the top 7 yoga for beginners tips which should come of use to you:

  1. Find a competent teacher

Despite the fact that you will come across lots of video clips and books on the Internet that will teach you how to perform the art of yoga, it is imperative to find out an experienced and competent teacher who is able to guide you in the proper manner. His presence and the ability to guide will help to enhance your confidence while performing yoga.

  1. Try not to compare yourself with other individuals

It is imperative to focus on your individual progress and also be aware of the fact that there will be strong, flexible and attractive individuals in and around your yoga class. Do not try to compare yourself with them and instead, appreciate your gradual progress while enriching your mind, body as well as spirit. Bear in mind that yoga is not any competitive sport and consequently, do not try to compete with others while performing it.

  1. Conscious of the space encircling you

It is quite natural for the yoga classes to be full of enthusiastic individuals; however, it will be prudent to be aware of the requirement of leaving adequate space between yourselves and other people such that you are able to maintain your posture while enabling others to maintain theirs as well.

  1. Possess a sense of humor

It is imperative to remember that yoga happens to be a tranquil and focused activity; however, one must not take this activity too seriously. Being too serious will make somebody feel stiff as well as jittery that might prevent him from practicing yoga efficiently. On the other hand, a bit of humor, as well as an inner smile, will certainly aid any individual to avoid any kind of unwanted strain and fatigue.

  1. Consuming and drinking before performing yoga

Make it a point not to consume anything for at least a couple of hours prior to practicing yoga. However, you might drink only small quantities of water at least one hour earlier which will help you to remain hydrated. Never touch alcohol, sugary items as well as caffeine prior to yoga.

  1. Practice frequently

It will be advisable to opt for frequent and small yoga for beginners sessions instead of participating in longer sessions. Practicing for even 15 minutes every day can have a positive effect on your mental, physical as well as emotional health. It is important to maintain discipline which will provide you with better results. Regular practicing of yoga will make you more flexible and also aware of the sensations in the long run.

  1. Communicate with the instructor

You will come across many teachers who are adept at helping students during a yoga class. However, it is important to make the teacher understand what exactly you need and whether any posture can lead to an injury in future. Always interact with your teacher and let him know regarding your requirements as well as shortcomings.

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